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2024 Melvin McCall "Strokes Fore Progress" Memorial Golf Tournament

Supporting The Preston Robert Tisch
Brain Tumor Center at Duke

Melvin McCall lost his battle with Brain Cancer (Grade IV Glioblastoma Multiforme Tumor – Most Severe) in April, 2000. This tournament began because of the preceding, but strongly continues as we not only remember Melvin, but we also remember dear friends, Sam Rosselli, Don Wallace, Lib Hawkins and Joe Philpot. Both Sam Rosselli (Travelers Rest, SC) and Don Wallace (Germantown, TN) lost their courageous battles with Brain Cancer in January 2011 and March 2015; Lib Hawkins (Travelers Rest, SC) lost her courageous battle with Brain Cancer in November 2017 and Joe Philpot (Travelers Rest, SC) in December 2020. Sam Rosselli, Don Wallace, Joe Philpot and Lib Hawkins, just like my Dad, were men and women of great Character and Integrity. Equally important, this event continues as we honor our dear friends David Turno, Stephanie Hopper, and Cindy Payne Pryor, who continue their courageous battles with Brain Cancer.


The Rosselli, Philpot, Pryor, Wallace and Hawkins families have been very dedicated supporters of this event since its inception, they’re not just friends, they are family!

Our Mission is to ensure we are making a difference in the lives of those affected by Brain Cancer by providing financial support to THE PRESTON ROBERT TISCH BRAIN TUMOR CENTER at Duke; supporting their efforts in Brain Cancer Research - providing effective treatments, with hopes of discovering a cure for Brain Cancer.  


The PRESTON ROBERT TISCH BRAIN TUMOR CENTER at Duke is world renowned and dedicated entirely to the treatment and cure of brain and/or spinal cord tumors in adults and children. They are the foremost Brain Tumor center in the world and led by the Leadership Team of David Ashley (Director), MBBS, FRACP, PhD, Allan H. Friedman (Deputy Director), MD, Henry S. Friedman (Deputy Director), MD, Peter E. Fecci (Associate Deputy Director) MD, PhD, John H. Sampson (Chair, Dept. of Neurosurgery) MD, PhD and Darrell D. Bigner (Director Emiritus), MD, PhD.


From the beginning, our family along with friends, have had one simple goal - to play a small part in the big picture, a cure for malignant Brain Tumors. We recognize the many small steps necessary along the way in finding a cure, as well as the necessary steps to help educate both families and friends of those with Brain Tumors regarding the resources and available treatments; we will always embark upon ambitious goals for this tournament that remembers  Melvin McCall, Sam Rosselli, Don Wallace and Lib Hawkins while continuing to support Joe Philpot, Cindy Payne Pryor and the many other Brain Cancer patients in their courageous battles.


We have raised over $215,000 through our prior tournaments, THANKS to Family, Friends, Players and Sponsors for your continued support. Without your participation, none of the above would be possible. We remain relevant because of you!


DID YOU KNOW? Public Research Funds are distributed based on the incidence of a given disease. Because Brain Cancer causes just 2% of all Cancer deaths each year, it is officially classified as an “orphan” disease – a term that sums up its place in the eyes of federal funding agents. Corporate Sources are also limited – There are more than 120 identified types of Brain Malignancies, each with different chemical profiles and behaviors. Funding Research and developing new and effective treatments comes at a very high price, the market for such narrowly targeted drugs is simply too small for PHARMA Companies to make big investments in clinical investigations.  This is why we need you to help us support our main beneficiary – The PRESTON ROBERT TISCH BRAIN TUMOR CENTER at DUKE through THE STROKES FORE PROGRESS FOUNDATION (501c3).


If you can’t join us for this year’s event, we hope you will consider participating in one of the below opportunities, and we THANK YOU in advance for your participation in this year’s tournament and partnering with us to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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